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Top 8 tips to enjoying a ‘rich life’

After being a financial adviser for over 30 years and helping many people to financial freedom and retirement, I have definitely learnt that having a ‘rich life’ is far more important than ‘being rich’.  As having all the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your health and not happy with life. […]

Home mortgages and the Sandwich Generation

As a member of the sandwich generation, I’m going to guess that taking out your first home mortgage is not at the top of your mind. Rather, you might be well down the path of paying that mortgage off, or perhaps you’ve already paid it off. However, particularly if you have an outstanding mortgage, there […]

So what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency (with the symbol ₿). It is a digital currency (rather than say the currency of dollars, pounds or Euros for example).  Some other forms of cryptocurrency are Litecoin or Ethereum. So the first thing you should realise is it is virtual if you didn’t already know, and […]

Never put all your eggs in the one basket!

We’ve all heard this expression which simply means that you should not put all your efforts and resources in one area. This is especially true when it comes to investments, as at its worst, you could lose everything. So diversity is always important when it comes to any investment and superannuation portfolio, as no single […]

The Goldilocks phenomenon and your superannuation!

Or why the Government have it wrong and you are missing out on thousands! Most people don’t take much interest in their superannuation. Why would you, as it will be decades before you receive it. Let me then provide an alternate view that could help make you thousands, if not tens of thousands in the […]

8 Golden Rules when building an Investment Portfolio

A good place to start is defining what I mean by a ‘good’ investment or asset, as some people feel Gold is a good investment, or lately Bitcoin (although I disagree on this as not regulated yet, so be wary on this score).  So, this article is my personal view from years of research of past […]

How’s your Financial Wellness ticking along?

A lot of Bank ads seems to be talking about Financial Wellness. I am not so sure Banks really help this, but it’s an incredibly important topic. And one thing is certain and that is, money challenges can contribute to stress levels, or ‘money stress’. Feeling out of control of your financial situation, living with high […]

Why we all need a Safety Net

We all like to think that our lives will follow a smooth path, largely uninterrupted by unwelcome events. Many of us will be lucky enough for that to happen, but for others things won’t go according to plan. Health issues can crop up, relationships can break down, natural disasters can strike, salary earners can lose […]

‘Year R’: the big questions

Many people look towards retirement from a purely financial perspective. This is understandable in that getting your finances right is a very important part of preparing for Year R. However, it is only one part. You also need to be prepared for retirement emotionally and physically, including answering the biggest question: What will you do […]

Asset Rich, Cash Poor – How Reverse Mortgages may help retirees

I often hear the story where people have built and renovated their home over the years to exactly how they want it, love the area they live in, and see their retirement future there.  No downsizing or seachange here, as there are plenty who want to stay exactly where their friends are. Makes sense – […]