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My secret to successful New Year money resolutions

Every year we feel compelled to start the new year with a New Year’s resolution or two. It starts off great, whether it’s to get fit, or start saving money. Two months in, we start to waver and by three months most of us have given up as life just gets in the way. Sound […]

The 7 Steps to Reaching Financial Freedom

After 30 years of being an adviser and coaching families to reach financial freedom, it came down to ensuring these 7 steps were followed to ensure the most effective and efficient method possible. Step 1. Plan to be Financially Independent As the saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  As in […]

Top 5 tips to teach your children about Money

Tip #1 They need to learn how to save Something they can see every day and an amount that they are not going to miss, and finally make it regular (weekly for example when paid pocket money). The traditional piggy bank is a great idea but there are plenty of different types on the market […]

Jamila’s story – we all need a plan

Jamila’s story is one that, unfortunately, is not atypical of the people we see at a very difficult time in their lives. In Jamila’s case a major shift to her life came not through the death or illness of her partner, but as a result of a divorce in her mid-50s. However, the lessons Jamila […]

Art of Accountability

Whether it’s sport, business or in life in general, and whatever your definition of success is, it usually includes a coach, partner or mentor in the background. Whether you pay for someone who is a specialist or it’s a friend, family member or just someone you follow online or read their book (subtle hint), it’s […]

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world

Let’s understand how the ‘compounding’ effect can make you thousands! The most powerful example of the impact of time is ‘compounding’. You’ve probably heard the term – you probably did an example in your maths class in around Year 8. However, there’s a good chance that since then you’ve forgotten its significance. Compounding interest is […]

Top 8 tips to enjoying a ‘rich life’

After being a financial adviser for over 30 years and helping many people to financial freedom and retirement, I have definitely learnt that having a ‘rich life’ is far more important than ‘being rich’.  As having all the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your health and not happy with life. […]

Home mortgages and the Sandwich Generation

As a member of the sandwich generation, I’m going to guess that taking out your first home mortgage is not at the top of your mind. Rather, you might be well down the path of paying that mortgage off, or perhaps you’ve already paid it off. However, particularly if you have an outstanding mortgage, there […]

So what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency (with the symbol ₿). It is a digital currency (rather than say the currency of dollars, pounds or Euros for example).  Some other forms of cryptocurrency are Litecoin or Ethereum. So the first thing you should realise is it is virtual if you didn’t already know, and […]