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‘Year R’: the big questions

Many people look towards retirement from a purely financial perspective. This is understandable in that getting your finances right is a very important part of preparing for Year R. However, it is only one part. You also need to be prepared for retirement emotionally and physically, including answering the biggest question: What will you do […]

Asset Rich, Cash Poor – How Reverse Mortgages may help retirees

I often hear the story where people have built and renovated their home over the years to exactly how they want it, love the area they live in, and see their retirement future there.  No downsizing or seachange here, as there are plenty who want to stay exactly where their friends are. Makes sense – […]

Getting your money under CONTROL!

Analysing your spending habits with a budget can be difficult, but it is the core of any good financial plan. I know budgeting to most people seems like a dirty word as it implies missing out on all the good stuff. Whereas when I explain it to my clients I simply say, having a budget […]

Make a Plan – Staying Accountable

It has always seemed strange to me that while anything I competed in growing up or had goals for, such as playing soccer, cricket, even ballroom dancing (it can get mean out on the dance floor), I always had a coach.  Someone to teach me, set a plan of action and then keep me to […]

The conversation – Lets go deeper

I previously wrote about this back in June 2021. We received more questions and follow ups about this topic than any other (although property was a close second). So, I have taken the most asked questions about Aged Care and Estate Planning and expanded on them to hopefully provide more help and understanding around this […]

Buying Property in 2022, follow these Golden Rules

For most members of the sandwich generation (those in their 50s and 60s with adult children on one side and elderly parents on the other), property ownership has always meant, first and foremost, owning their own home. It’s the Australian way.  Their children, the millennials, are also interested in property, but with a different focus. […]

2021 – A Year in Review

I really had a lot of optimism for the way 2021 started after such a terrible 2020. Well that was quickly dashed, as COVID wasn’t going anywhere. That being said, we did have some amazing highs as the Olympic swim team as an example and so here is my quick summary of some of the major […]

Would you talk about death at your next dinner party?

Australians don’t like talking about death even though let’s face it, it’s inevitable. Even saying the word is not something we like to do. We all have a phase or alternative, and just some of the ones that come to mind: he’s passed away, slipped off, had a good innings, kick the bucket, gave up […]

Debts ain’t debts: separating the good from the bad

The first time I saw debt as two distinct types, that is ‘good’ debt and ‘bad’ debt was when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. For me it just seemed to click as till that point, I had used debt for a range of things – to build a home, buy a business […]

The Behaviour Gap

As an adviser and now a coach, I often spoke to my clients about the ‘Behaviour Gap’. What is the Behaviour Gap, well when it comes to finance and monetary terms, it has been calculated as getting roughly 4% per annum (pa) better return with professional advice/fund managers invested rationally. Compared to investors doing it […]