Navigating a restaurant menu can be frustrating, and financial choices can be just as daunting. Our affordable coaching builds your money expertise for confident decisions. We simplify complex concepts, provide tools, and prioritize your financial well-being, so you can make informed choices without costly errors. Join us on the journey to financial empowerment.

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Our comprehensive coaching services are designed to meet you wherever you are on your financial journey. We understand that everyone’s path is unique, and our goal is to provide the support and guidance you need to reach your financial goals. With our three main coaching programs covering a wide range of money and finance topics, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills required to achieve financial freedom. Don’t wait; take action now, and let us help you turn your financial aspirations into reality.

Let’s Get the Basics Covered

Regardless of your age or financial situation, we can help you build a plan to get better with money, through budgeting, debt management and even helping you buy your first property.

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Reaching Financial Freedom

If you have recognised that you don’t want to work forever, and while you might be making a good income, you want to get your money working harder for you, we can help you build multiple income streams through property and shares.

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The Money Sandwich

If you are wanting the best out of your retirement and are apart of the ‘Sandwich Generation’ — those sandwiched between supporting aging parents and raising their own children, we can help you through pre-retirement or retirement coaching.

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Let’s Get the Basics Covered

Regardless of your age or your situation, we all know we can be better when it comes to money. So this coaching, we help you build a specific plan based on getting better with money, retirement 101, or wanting to buy your first investment property.  Even how to save and budgeting skills.

We are not taught money basics at school, and yet it’s in all we do, money is a major part of our life so worth getting coached on this. So like learning a new language, you just need to know the rules to play by as once you understand how to get your money working harder for you, you will be set for life.

What we cover:

  • Money, budgeting, and cash flow basics
  • Learning good versus bad debt
  • How to get your money working hard for you
  • Specific goals training – buy first property, retirement, post-divorce help
  • how to build a safety net

Make the effort to master the basics, to stop being at the mercy of money and become the master of money.  We all want a better life and getting better with money in understanding how it works will help insure a better life for you and your family.

Cost: $2,500 plus GST

Reaching Financial Freedom

This suits anyone who recognises that they don’t want to work forever, and while they are making good income, know that they can do better and have their money working hard for them.

We teach our clients the secret to financial freedom is all about building passive income streams.  Warren Buffett the investment guru said “If you don’t learn to make money while you sleep you are destined to work forever” making money while you sleep with passive income streams.

So whether you’ve already bought your first home and have built up equity, or have a deposit ready to buy your first investment property, the old rules of just one salary and owning just your home will not work in the 21st-century and we need to learn the new rules.

What we cover:

  • Learn to set goals, work out your WHY and get a money mindset.
  • How to build multiple income streams
  • How to get your money working hard for you through property and shares
  • How 90% of people have their superannuation invested badly thru goldilocks phenomenon.
  • How to build accountability to be successful.

Through our Project 15 plan we help our clients maximise their chances of reaching financial security within 15 years. Waiting till you’re 65 to retire and be financially, free, is old way thinking as we should be enjoying life whatever stage we’re at, and reaching financial security that much sooner.

Cost: $5,000 plus GST

The Money Sandwich

Would suit anyone looking to for help and coaching for pre-retirement or retirement, while also helping our sandwich generation needs.

We use the 6 challenges of retirement method where financial is only one of the topic areas as retirement is never just about having enough money. We also look at this from the point of the sandwich generation where you may be in the middle of adult children on one side and elderly parents on the other.  We need to ensure they are also looked after as part of our commitment to your own future.

We take you through what retirement means to you and how are you going to achieve that? Also retirement, which may mean continuing to work even if part-time, as you enjoy it because we don’t want to say you should stop work if you love it, but ensure you’re working because you want to rather because you have to.

What we cover:

  • Prepare a plan based on the six challenges of retirement
  • Make recommendations on any changes needed especially to your superannuation.
  • Insuring there is enough income streams to cover your future lifestyle.
  • Ensuring your adult children are on the right path for their own financial futures.
  • Review your elderly parents which may include aged care and estate planning
  • See how your own estate planning fits with your family needs.
  • Access to our network of specialist depending on your requirements.

This last stage of life can be great, but you don’t want to be making any expensive mistakes with your retirement as you may only get one shot at this. We totally understand you need help on what you don’t know and to find out what’s important to you and your family. We are also proud that we are independent because we do not sell any investment products.

We have helped hundreds of people retire comfortably so that you don’t have to worry and can get on with enjoying life.

Cost $8,500 plus GST


You hire a money coach simply to get help and maximise your chances of reaching your financial goals. You also don’t know what you don’t know so why risk make expensive mistakes. Money coaching also provides education, support, and importantly accountability in creating a tailored plan and helping overcome obstacles on your financial journey.

Your coaching session works out where you are now, what your goals or focus is, and a plan to reach those goals. We also want to educate you on how to get your money working harder for you and also how to build passive income streams as that is the secret to reaching financial freedom. We cover all areas of planning including cashflow, debt, property, shares, super, insurance and estate planning.

While yes it is worthwhile once you have some funds set aside and you want help to decide what to do with that, use as a deposit for a property or to buy shares for examples, many people though see me at the start of the journey to help them set goals and work out best way to get there.

A common concern is the affordability of coaching, but my clients have discovered that money coaching should actually put more money in your pocket than it takes out, making it a revenue-generating investment. This isn’t just a sales pitch as avoiding one bad financial move or adapting to a changed financial situation can cover your coaching fees for years, and importantly you build through coaching valuable knowledge and skills along the way.

Definitely not as get rich quick schemes is to me is just gambling with your future. Our money coaching offers a time proven method to wealth building grounded in obtaining good quality assets that provide passive income streams. Importantly to using time and compounding effect to drive future growth and income.

No as I only provide money and financial education and strategy services. This growing trend reflects a preference for unbiased financial education without product sales catering and helping avoid potential conflicts of interest. If any of my coaching clients require products or others services such as investment or legal advice I can help them as have built up a network of independent contacts over 30 years.


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