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My secret to successful New Year money resolutions

Every year we feel compelled to start the new year with a New Year’s resolution or two. It starts off great, whether it’s to get fit, or start saving money. Two months in, we start to waver and by three months most of us have given up as life just gets in the way. Sound […]

Top 8 tips to enjoying a ‘rich life’

After being a financial adviser for over 30 years and helping many people to financial freedom and retirement, I have definitely learnt that having a ‘rich life’ is far more important than ‘being rich’.  As having all the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your health and not happy with life. […]

How’s your Financial Wellness ticking along?

A lot of Bank ads seems to be talking about Financial Wellness. I am not so sure Banks really help this, but it’s an incredibly important topic. And one thing is certain and that is, money challenges can contribute to stress levels, or ‘money stress’. Feeling out of control of your financial situation, living with high […]

Make a Plan – Staying Accountable

It has always seemed strange to me that while anything I competed in growing up or had goals for, such as playing soccer, cricket, even ballroom dancing (it can get mean out on the dance floor), I always had a coach.  Someone to teach me, set a plan of action and then keep me to […]

7 Habits of the Rich

Thomas C. Corley, an American financial planner spent 5 years studying the habits of the rich and poor. He looked at 233 people who had more than $3.2 million in net assets and looked at how they lived, what they watched, etc. He also researched 128 people who earnt $35,000 or less per annum income […]

Approaching Year R, why see an Adviser or Coach?

Most of us are somewhat uncomfortable as we move closer to Year R, as do we have enough for financial freedom, and are we mentally ready for this next big stage of our life.  What’s ‘Year R’? It’s what is traditionally called your retirement age – what most people think of when they think of […]