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“21st Century re-think when it comes to money”

I am sure many of you would remember the ‘smashed avocado on toast’ article that described the present generation as a generation that can’t save and will never afford property, as the inference was that they are spending their money on smashed avocado on toast rather than at home having cereal, and saving money! What […]

Home mortgages and the Sandwich Generation

As a member of the sandwich generation, I’m going to guess that taking out your first home mortgage is not at the top of your mind. Rather, you might be well down the path of paying that mortgage off, or perhaps you’ve already paid it off. However, particularly if you have an outstanding mortgage, there […]

Asset Rich, Cash Poor – How Reverse Mortgages may help retirees

I often hear the story where people have built and renovated their home over the years to exactly how they want it, love the area they live in, and see their retirement future there.  No downsizing or seachange here, as there are plenty who want to stay exactly where their friends are. Makes sense – […]