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Don’t make your Future Self mad!

How do you envision yourself in the coming year, five years down the road, or even two decades from now? The challenge with setting goals, particularly financial ones, lies in our limited ability to picture our future selves accurately. Reflect on the aspirations you had as a child about adulthood; chances are, there’s quite a […]

Debunking The Top 10 Myths About Money

As long as Money has been around, there has been a family friend or work colleague that has been happy to tell you what you should do with your money, usually wrong though. It’s also a subject that really isn’t taught at school and so has long been a topic surrounded by myths and misconceptions. […]

Top 8 tips to enjoying a ‘rich life’

After being a financial adviser for over 30 years and helping many people to financial freedom and retirement, I have definitely learnt that having a ‘rich life’ is far more important than ‘being rich’.  As having all the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your health and not happy with life. […]

‘Year R’: the big questions

Many people look towards retirement from a purely financial perspective. This is understandable in that getting your finances right is a very important part of preparing for Year R. However, it is only one part. You also need to be prepared for retirement emotionally and physically, including answering the biggest question: What will you do […]

Asset Rich, Cash Poor – How Reverse Mortgages may help retirees

I often hear the story where people have built and renovated their home over the years to exactly how they want it, love the area they live in, and see their retirement future there.  No downsizing or seachange here, as there are plenty who want to stay exactly where their friends are. Makes sense – […]

Approaching Year R, why see an Adviser or Coach?

Most of us are somewhat uncomfortable as we move closer to Year R, as do we have enough for financial freedom, and are we mentally ready for this next big stage of our life.  What’s ‘Year R’? It’s what is traditionally called your retirement age – what most people think of when they think of […]

Who are the sandwich generation?

It’s a generation of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s who are ‘sandwiched’ between their young adult or nearly adult children on one side and their ageing parents on the other. Just when they thought life might have been going to get a bit easier, they find themselves with a lot to think about. […]

Media Release – The Money Sandwich book has been officially launched!

The Australia Talks National Survey found that 60% of Australians consider being able to retire comfortably a problem for them personally. Almost a third said it was “very much a problem”. While we’re now having the discussion about retirement no-one is addressing the retirement elephant in the room, those who are part of the Sandwich […]