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Financial Stress and Your Relationships

Financial stress can have a significant impact on relationships. For many people, talking about money is a taboo subject or, at the very least, at the bottom of their ‘to-do’ list. In addition to those sleepless nights, the pressure of financial burdens can lead to feelings of frustration or blame and create uncertainty and anxiety […]

“21st Century re-think when it comes to money”

I am sure many of you would remember the ‘smashed avocado on toast’ article that described the present generation as a generation that can’t save and will never afford property, as the inference was that they are spending their money on smashed avocado on toast rather than at home having cereal, and saving money! What […]

Top 5 tips to teach your children about Money

Tip #1 They need to learn how to save Something they can see every day and an amount that they are not going to miss, and finally make it regular (weekly for example when paid pocket money). The traditional piggy bank is a great idea but there are plenty of different types on the market […]